Mar 3, 2023

Mar 3, 2023



Welcome to Day 10, the FINAL day of the Manifest Your Best Year Yet New Year Newsletter! 

It has been such a magical 2 weeks spending time daily with you, aligning you to the energy of your New Year goals and manifestations and opening your awareness to the greatness and power that lies within you - always ready to be ignited so that you can shine as the embodiment of your absolute Highest-Self and make even your wildest dreams a reality!


Today is also the FINAL day of Align + Attract enrollment!

(*Check the available links to see if enrollment is still open at the time of you reading this newsletter. If it is not, sign up for the waitlist to be notified as soon as enrollment opens again!)

If you are ready to dive DEEP into the knowledge, tools and step by step processes all laid out for you to help you awaken to your True Self and limitless potential, reprogram your subconscious mind to work FOR YOU as you commit to the path of manifesting your dream life into reality and step into a version of yourself so powerful you will be AMAZED at what you create and the ways your life transforms in 2023 - this is your last chance to join us in this round of Align + Attract! 


As my own yearly manifestation re-up I will be joining this round, diving into the Module content and workbooks alongside you! We are in this together!!! :)


Align + Attract is the exact tools, processes, principles and teachings that enabled me to absolutely heal and transform my life, manifest the life and career of my dreams and completely up-level in every area. You can read more about my story here! 

The best thing about Align + Attract is you have this course for LIFE. Manifestation is not a one and done thing that you do. It is a LIFESTYLE, a way of BEING, that allows for continuous progression, growth and up-leveling! 

Once you manifest your dream life and up-level in AA this year I guarantee that you will want to take yourself through the process again and again, year after year, to continue up-leveling as your idea of your “dream life” grows and expands with you! 

This is why I come back to the Align + Attract process over and over again too! The process is timeless. The teachings will serve you for life. And no matter how you grow, the principles taught in Align + Attract will continue to meet you at every new level.

This is just the beginning!!!

I cannot wait to hear all the magic you create this year with the tools and teachings in Align + Attract! I hope to see you in the course!


Ok let’s get into the final day of MYBYY! 


Today we are wrapping up what you have learned over our 2 weeks together so that you can move forward from this Newsletter feeling confident in your ability to powerfully own your energy and align to all that you desire to manifest in 2023, making the success of your manifestations absolutely inevitable!


Today I want to talk about your energy and attention - specifically learning how to take control of your energy by gaining awareness of your attention and then directing it where it will be most useful to you + the expansion in life that you desire!


Let me begin by offering you this realization / perspective shift:

You are where your attention is.


The powerhouse of innately strong, magnetic, powerful energy that you are is wherever your attention is.


If we want to bring it back to the money topic… imagine your energy is your currency.

Wherever you place your attention / focus is what you spend your internal currency (energy) on.


Your energy also has this magic capability of expanding and attracting more of whatever you invest it in / focus it on.


You’ve probably heard the saying “what you focus on expands.”


What you focus on influences your internal state, you think and feel in equal to that thing that you are focused on, you draw more of that thing into your consciousness, expanding your awareness to (subconsciously) seek out more of that thing and energetically magnetizing more of its matched frequency to you.


Whew that’s a lot.


Which is why I like to simplify it all with simply coming back to the knowing of “you are where your attention is.”


Here’s a fun example to really break this down for you in a tangible way. (stick with me here and you will have a major breakthrough ah-ha moment ok!)


Think of it like we are all wearing an invisible set of glasses. 👓

These glasses have a knob that allows us to change “stations.” Depending on what station we are tuned into will determine what we see and experience.

We are all living in the same “base” world, but the stations in our glasses are like "expansion packs" to the base world that we all collectively experience. The “expansion packs”, or “stations”, allow us to experience the world in different ways. We see and experience things we would not normally see or experience depending on what stations/expansion packs we are tuned into.

When we desire something we need to first find out what station it is on. 

We do this by identifying the energy or "frequency" of that thing. 

The easiest way to do this is ask yourself what feelings this thing would give you if you had it already. 

Once we’ve identified those feelings/energy we then want to make sure we have our glasses tuned to the station that matches that energy.

If we aren’t tuned to the matched station we won’t be seeing the world through the lens that makes it easy for us to achieve or find our way to the thing we desire. 

Even if a clear path to what we desire was right in front of us we could not see it because the lens we are viewing the world from, the station we are tuned into, isn’t a match to that energy and therefore we cannot see the matched opportunities, things and paths! 

SO - how do we turn that little knob to make sure we have the station of our glasses tuned to the life we want to experience?

We turn this knob not with our hands but with our FOCUS.

We focus on the things, feelings, energies, mindsets that are a match to the life we desire NOW.

This way we are tuned to the station of our dream life, of all the things we want to manifest!

We are investing our currency, our energy, where it is most useful for us as it does what it does best - expand and attract more of whatever we place it on!


This is why the Manifest Your Best Year Yet Newsletter exercises have all had you shifting your energetic frequency (or the “station” you’ve been tuned into) to that of giving/love, magic, abundance and realizing your own divine power!


I hope that this explanation allows you to shift the way you look at the world, the stations you tune into, and that you become more aware moment to moment of where you are placing your focus and ultimately investing your energy to expand and attract more of what you actually desire.


And when in doubt, if you ever feel stuck like you don’t know where to place your energy and focus to help you move forward from the situation or experience you are currently in: gratitude and giving.


Bring it back to feeling so thankful for even the most “basic” blessings in this experience that we call “life”.

And GIVE - give to others and give to yourself. Fill your cup daily so that you can pour to others from a state of absolute overflow.


Remember that the basics are the basics for a reason. 

There is solidity there, stability, an unshakable foundation that, even when things built on top of it may fall, remains ready to help you rebuild over and over again. 


THAT is your manifestation practice, your spiritual practice, your connection to Source and your Higher-Self.


That is what my passion and purpose is to help you discover and always find your way back to.


The beautiful, nice, flashy things and goals you manifest this year are great and I am SO excited to celebrate with you as everything you wish for manifests but it is this foundational knowledge and connection to the true understanding of it all that I desire for you to find the most. 🤍


My intention for you always remains the same: To help you live your most authentic, empowered, True-Self aligned life. To go after your dreams, never settle for less and live life to the very very fullest, letting your special light shine and sharing it with the world in only a way you can.


This year gets to be as magical as you allow it. You get to be as powerful as you allow yourself. All strength over your life and experience lies within you. Ultimately you decide if you will own it or not. 


But I hope you decide that this year is the year you own the f*ck out of it! ⭐️


Our time in this 2 week Newsletter may be over but me and the other Align + Attract angels are just beginning a 20 week commitment to our self-discovery, healing, energetic clearing, Higher-Self alignment and Next-Level life transformation and manifestation! 


If you’ve liked this newsletter just know, we have BARELY scratched the surface of it all. I want you to be fully equipped with the tools and knowledge that will make manifesting your next-level dream life this year, and beyond, absolutely inevitable! 


Check out the AA enrollment page and see if anything within it calls to your soul!

And if now does not feel like the aligned time for you, you know where else to find me :) 


It has been such an honor to spend these 2 weeks with you! Don’t forget to complete the final challenge below to wrap up our time together! Sending you so much love and good f*cking energy always! x



Founder + CEO Arcanum