Mar 3, 2023

Mar 3, 2023



Welcome back to DAY 3 of the Manifest Your Best Year Yet Newsletter! 

I am so excited for the two topics we are diving into today because these alone will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


I’m also SUPER excited to share the newest Good F*cking Energy Podcast episode with you that is all about the 4 manifestation pillars we’ll be covering even deeper here today and tomorrow!

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Ok now let’s get started on DAY 3!


Today we’re talking POWER and VISION. Specifically owning and understanding YOUR power and creating a compelling vision to put all that potent energy behind, the two KEY forces that make manifesting your greatest goals and wildest dreams possible!


Helping people wake up to their true power and potential is probably one of my favorite things in this world. This wake up call is what shifted everything for me. Realizing my own power is what started me on the journey of absolutely transforming my life and without that first initial step none of what I created would have been possible for me!


What I want for you is to shift the way you move through life, the way in which you view everything that has or will happen in your life, and put the power back in YOUR HANDS, put yourself back in the driver's seat deciding where you get to go from here!


SO how do we do this?


This is a concept we go deep into in the first module of Align + Attract. It’s called CAUSE > EFFECT: putting yourself at CAUSE for your life rather than at EFFECT of your life / circumstances. 


This shift alone will serve you and empower you to move through your life with a new level of authority, confidence and strength from this moment on!


First let's define what being at Cause / at Effect of your life looks like.


Being at EFFECT looks like:

  • Life is happening TO you

  • You don’t have any control over the situations in your life or how you will move forward from them in a positive way because you have handed that power over to the situations / circumstances / people involved by putting all responsibility on them

  • This is the “I can’t do X because Y happened to me”

    • Example:

      • “I can’t make money because I didn’t come from money”

      • “I’m not happy because they made me upset”

      • “I can’t achieve that because they told me I couldn’t”

      • “My life sucks / is hard / is unfair because this thing happened to me”


Now I know this may feel like a rude-awakening and some tough love but from a person who needed this wake up call oh so badly to possibly another: when you buy into these limiting beliefs and assumptions about your life you completely hand over any power that you do have to change the situation over to the very thing that has you feeling down in the first place! Fueling it with even more energy to keep you stuck and stagnant in your old, limiting, not useful at all stories.


For the same amount of TIME and ENERGY you spend giving your power away feeding these limiting stories, you could instead fuel different, more productive, mindsets and perspectives that empower you instead of tear you down!


This is what shifting to being at CAUSE is all about!


What being at CAUSE looks like:

  • Life is happening FOR you - the challenges, shitty circumstances, “unfair” cards you’ve been dealt and all. How? Because these are things you have the special opportunity to greatly LEARN and GROW from, equipping you with a special set of life skills, knowledge and experience not everyone has that you get to use for your benefit and the benefit of the world!

    • Example: I believe my challenges early in life are why I am here today, why it is so important for me to help people now, why I do the work I do! I wouldn’t have the same level of empathy and understanding or have been forced to learn about shadow work and healing if I had not gone through all that I have. <3

  • You are in the driver’s seat of your life - you accept what has happened, you know that you can’t control everything, but you know that what you can control is how you RESPOND. You use every experience in life as fuel for your growth and information to help you on the path to where you desire to go!


In this mindset you become UNSTOPPABLE. 

Nothing can derail you! 

You realize that there is no failure, only FEEDBACK. 

Every circumstance in your life is leading you on your unique soul mission, giving you the knowledge and experience you NEED to move forward wiser and way more powerful (if you choose to see it this way).


And really, it’s all with one simple shift: 

Deciding to no longer give your power away to others and circumstances further fueling the limiting stories you tell yourself and perpetuating your stuckness. 

AND INSTEAD using that energy to fuel YOU! Taking your power back so that you can show up as the Divine Being you came here to be and share your unique gifts with the world in ways only YOU can! 

As. You. Should.


When you are at Cause for your life you realize no matter where you are right now, no matter your circumstances or what has led you here, you get to decide where you go from here! You have control over your RESPONSES and the ACTIONS you take now moving forward. You get to choose what you spend your valuable af energy on.


Whatever you put your time, energy, heart and mind to will inevitably be successful! As long as you continue to support yourself along the path, with time, you WILL get there!


This mindset is a CHOICE. 

And adopting this as a core belief unlocks levels of power and strength that you can’t even imagine!


The sooner you learn that you are the source of all power over your life - the freer you become, the more empowered and fueled you are to do great things and create the life you actually want!


This is the fuel that will keep you going no matter what. This is the perspective to live life from that ensures you have the power to overcome ANYTHING and manifest WHATEVER your heart desires.


I offer you this affirmation to take with you: 

My success is absolutely inevitable. I hold the power over my own life.


SO, now that you feel empowered AF and realize that it is YOU who gets to choose where you go from here, let’s figure out where it is that you’re going!


This is my favorite part of manifestation: CRAFTING THE VISION.

And not just any vision, you are about to craft a compelling af vision - a vision that is so perfectly tailored and enticing to you that you can’t help but go after it and manifest it in your reality.


A compelling vision backed with a powerful “why” (why you want it, why it means so much to you) will enable you to overcome any “HOW”. 


I want you to create a compelling vision of your life a year from now. 


Imagine you decide to go ALL IN on this whole “manifestation stuff.” 

You decide to really take getting your mindset and energy right this year seriously. 

You commit to doing the inner work and making necessary changes in your life as you decide to show up as your Higher Self every. single. day. 


Just imagine for a second the amazing ways in which your life could change in a year with that level of commitment!


You’d be surprised how much your life can change in a year when you go all in on yourself! 

So dream BIG! 

Think about all the different areas of your life - career, finances, relationship, health and wellness, spirituality, home environment, social life, friendships, relationship with self, etc. - and paint the picture of where you’d like to be a year from today. 

Define and describe the dream life you are creating NOW!


Compelling in the dictionary is defined as “evoking interest in a powerfully irresistible way.” 

Make this vision so compelling, so descriptive and detailed, that the picture you paint of this dream life is absolutely irresistible to you!


The reason for this is we want to get your subconscious mind on board with manifesting this vision as much as your conscious mind is! To do this we need to speak the language of our subconscious mind.


The cool thing about your subconscious mind is that it cannot tell the difference between real and imagined.


This means when you visualize that enticing, descriptive dream life vision as if it is happening NOW your mind actually believes it and begins to rewire accordingly! 


This makes actually attracting those things, people, situations and opportunities, and doing the work needed to make that vision happen, A LOT easier because now you aren’t just using your conscious mind and willpower (5% influence over your reality) to create your desired vision, you have the mega powerful subconscious mind (95% influence over your reality) on your team working round the clock to match, attract and create that dream life!


Image from Align + Attract enrollment page showing influence of the subconscious mind on the reality we create:


So what are you manifesting this year? 

I would LOVE to hear more about what you are manifesting in 2023 and any breakthroughs you’ve had during this newsletter so far!

And if you have decided it’s time to finally take that leap of faith and go ALL IN on manifesting your dream life into reality by enrolling in Align + Attract, be sure to send me a DM so that I can congratulate you on taking this massive step towards your Next-Level Transformation!


I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 4! 


Sending love + good f*cking energy x


Founder + CEO Arcanum