Mar 3, 2023

Mar 3, 2023



You made it to Day 4 of the Manifest Your Best Year Yet Newsletter ! I’m so proud of you!

Today we are building on the pillars we covered yesterday (Power and Vision) and are supercharging this energy we’ve begun to cultivate with the next pillar: MOMENTUM.


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Ok let’s get into Day 4!

My goal for you is to leave Day 4 understanding the power of Momentum and how to get it working in your favor!


I’m sure we can all agree the hardest part of any new change we wish to initiate in our lives are the first few steps.


But how many of us actually know why?


You may have heard me say before that I’m “a nerd for this shit”.

And by ‘this shit’ I’m obviously referring to the workings of the mind, energy, frequency and our innate power as conscious creators of our reality.


I LOVE learning about the WHY behind why we act and respond certain ways, ESPECIALLY when it comes to our desires, dreams and the road to our success.


Knowing why you do the things you do gives you the power of AWARENESS. 

Through awareness we can see ourselves and our actions for what they really are. 

We can see how we’re sabotaging our own success and go into situations prepared for the unconscious self sabotage that we may face so that we can move through these sort of obstacles and resistance way, way, WAY easier and faster.


It’s like knowing how to beat each level in a video game because you already know every challenge you’re going to have to face before you have to face it. You come PREPARED and ALERT. You are able to easily move past the obstacles, since you already had your eyes open for them, and move forward onto the next level with ease!


That’s what understanding Momentum will do for you.


We are constantly being pushed by momentum down the paths that we’ve built momentum on - further creating even more momentum in that direction!


For example: 

Let’s say every day you wake up and, as if on autopilot, you take a shower, brush your teeth, make a coffee and walk your dog. 

Every single day. In that exact order.


Why is it so easy for you to do it over and over again without thought?


Well because those habits actually ARE autopilot for you! 

They’ve become that way over time thanks to MOMENTUM.


You have a build up of energy behind these habits and routines that do a lot of the hard work for you! 

Instead of having to use brainpower to think about what you’re going to do, you just DO. 

It’s automatic, easy.

It’s like you just glide through that first hour of your day as momentum carries you through completing your daily routine.


Now let’s say you wanted to shake things up a bit. 


It’s the New Year, you decide you want to meditate for 10 minutes before you walk your dog every day. 

It’s just 10 minutes, sitting there with your eyes closed. How hard can it be?


It’s likely that after a few days you are going to start to feel some resistance to this new meditation habit.


You’re right, it’s not that sitting down for 10 minutes to meditate before you walk your dog is “hard” but you’ve built up a lot of momentum over the years backing your old routine. 

Trying to add in this new thing creates a shift in the current, one that your body and mind (specifically your subconscious mind) is not used to. 


Essentially you are swimming against the current. 

And while consciously you know you want to meditate, you have a build up of energetic momentum pushing you to do the same old routine you’ve always done.


Over time though, as you continue to swim against the current and choose this new routine, something magical happens! 


Each time you choose your new routine over your old one you build more and more momentum behind that new change! 

The push of the current goes from 90% old routine / 10% new routine. 

To then 70% old routine / 40% new routine.

Eventually 50% old routine / 50% new routine.

And suddenly, before you know it, BAM 40% old routine / 60% new routine. 


Now you’ve hit the tipping point! 


Now there is more energetic momentum built up behind the change you are implementing than your “old ways.” 

From this point on this new way of doing things gets really, really easy and eventually becomes your new “autopilot”.


Of course this is just a silly example to help you understand! :)


Momentum builds behind everything in our lives: our habits, routines, even beliefs and mindsets!

Momentum carves well paved roads of doing things that make it easy, automatic even, for us to travel down.

In subconscious mind language - we’re talking neural pathways here.


The less you use the old neural pathways (do the old habits and routines, think the old thoughts and beliefs), eventually they become like unpaved, overgrown roads, no longer easily traveled down.


The neural pathways you nurture with repetition, building energetic momentum behind, become like well paved, fast-track, autopilot roads that you can travel down without even having to think about it!


**If this interests you and you're starting to feel like "a nerd for this shit" like I am, we go through a whole module of subconscious mind rewiring in Align + Attract ;)


Just KNOWING that the resistance we feel as we implement new change is simply there because we have momentum built up behind the way we’ve done things in the past and we are now essentially swimming against the current, can empower us to push through the temporary discomfort and overcome it!


Knowledge is POWER.

When we know the challenge we’re going to face we can come prepared!


We can also USE the power of building up momentum to work in our favor by taking baby steps towards the direction of the transformation we want to see in our lives! 

We let momentum do its thing and build up naturally, while we meet ourselves where we’re at, building trust and confidence in ourselves as we take these baby steps of change. 

We come prepared to swim against the current and overcome any resistance that may come up around these baby steps. Meanwhile we build up more momentum in this new positive direction as we face and overcome these baby-step-level challenges. 


But it is this build up of momentum that will make that big transformation we want to see take place WAY easier, natural even, to make happen down the line!


It’s like a cheat code to the momentum system !


Consistent baby steps create quantum leaps.

And that's what the Day 4 Challenge is all about!


I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 5! 


Sending love + good f*cking energy x


Founder + CEO Arcanum