Mar 3, 2023

Mar 3, 2023



Welcome to the official start of Week 2 of the Manifest Your Best Year Yet New Year Newsletter!

I cannot even begin to express how much my heart fills with joy when I read the DMs of how much this newsletter has been benefiting you angels! And we’re just getting started!


Last week we covered:

  • Expanding your energetic capacity and up-leveling your frequency by tapping into the power source of giving and opening your awareness to the magic and infinite possibilities that surround you always.

  • Tapping into and owning tf out of your power to be at cause for your life and the magic you create within it.

  • Creating a compelling vision so irresistible that you (and your subconscious mind) are so turned on by this reality you cannot help but go after it and make it yours! 

  • Understanding momentum and motivation and tailoring both to get them working in your favor and make manifesting your vision into reality absolutely inevitable.


Now we’re moving onto a new exciting subject that I cannot wait to dive into with you!

This week we’re working on your MINDSET and ENERGY to open you to new levels of RECEIVING - whether that be financially, physically, energetically or through intuitive guidance. 

My intention is for you to leave this week’s Newsletter (our final week!) as an open channel for the absolute best things in life - abundance, love, ease, joy, blessings - to come pouring in from all avenues, all the time!


So let’s kick this off with a topic we all know and love (and if you don’t love, you’re about to): MONEY.

I know for some the topic of money may actually be something that you immediately feel resistance, pressure, fear or scarcity around, trust me I’ve been there too, but this week we are going to change that for you!


Here's the thing about money (and the sooner you understand this the better you will be at attracting money in the 3D reality that we live in):

Money is a TOOL.

It’s just that - a tool!


Money is a physical representation of ENERGY.

Money is a societal agreed upon tangible representation of ENERGY that we see as VALUE in EXCHANGE for other VALUE and are able to use as a TOOL to support us, make more money or do whatever else we may want to do with it.


Money is neither good nor bad. It is neutral. 

It acts as an AMPLIFIER of energy because the more money one has, the more they can DO.

But what they DO is not because of the money itself, it is because of who they ARE.

The more money someone has, the more we can see their true intentions and values, this is because more money allows for everything to be on a larger scale.

Someone who is a giving person will be able to give even more the more money they have!

Someone who is a selfish person will likely act even more selfish the more money they have.


See that it is not the money doing the things, it is the person. The money just makes the values of the person more visible (amplified!).


When we see money as something on a pedestal, something far away, outside of us, unattainable, something to fear and even bad, we make it difficult for us to attract more of it into our lives.

When we create drama and negative stories around money, when we create an unhealthy relationship with money tied to negative emotions (something we will work on repairing and nurturing together this week!) we make it even more difficult to attract.


With these mindsets around money we unconsciously and unknowingly are pushing money away. 

Although consciously we may want money, subconsciously we will avoid associating ourselves with something that we have internally labeled as “bad.”

We will subconsciously try to keep ourselves FAR away from the things we fear and that bring us pain, anxiety and evoke negative emotions within us.


This can also be called “self sabotage” - when consciously you want something, but subconsciously there is a misalignment that is working against you.


With our conscious mind creating only 5% of our reality and our subconscious mind creating 95% of our reality - who do you think will win?


When we shift our perspective to see money as a tool, a way for our energy to be used and amplified in the world, it is no longer a scary thing that we don’t understand, we no longer fear it and its power. 

Instead, we begin to see ways that we can use money to SUPPORT us and to AMPLIFY our own power, good-hearted intentions and soul-purpose to share in the world. 

We begin to value money in a new way. 

We see that it is more than just the thing that enables us to pay our rent, buy groceries, go shopping or get our morning coffee. 

We now see it as a tool that, when used properly, can enable us to create even more value!


This leads us to respect money differently and USE IT more INTENTIONALLY. 


The key to money is it wants to FLOW. Money is MEANT to flow. 

Just as energy flows from us and then back to us, or how oxygen is inhaled and exhaled.

Restriction of any energetic out flow only creates more restriction in being able to receive more and let more in.


Now this is totally not me saying go spend money mindlessly because money "wants to flow."


Money wants to flow in ways that it can SERVE you!


Let money be used to allow your divine being to shine and thrive even more!

Use it for NOURISHING food that supports your health and body.

Use it to enrich your mind by learning a new skill or finally enrolling in a course you’ve been wanting to join.

Use it as an exchange of value for other USEFUL value that enables you to GROW - allowing your energetic capacity to expand to new levels and ultimately attract even more value down the line in return (aka things that benefit your body, mind, soul or business!).


We are natural born CREATORS. Your Higher-Self is just waiting for you to finally wake up to your purpose and unleash your potential. Money gets to be a tool that helps you do just that, and then nurture, grow and amplify your power and purpose even more!


It fills my heart with so much joy and excitement to know that I am helping good hearted people manifest more peace, soul-alignment, money and success through Align + Attract!

My focus this year is deepening my Money Mastery and financial education so that I can be an even better coach to the students in my courses. I cannot wait for this round's live Q+A's and bonus content that I'll be able to share this knowledge in!

Being an entrepreneur has taught me the importance of money mindset and informed management. This is something I want more women and good-hearted people, entrepreneur or not, to understand as well!


When I learn and grow, that means everyone in this community gets to learn and grow more too!

And as you learn, grow and prosper may you use your resources (time, energy, money) to help others learn, grow and prosper as well!

Together this community creates a butterfly effect far beyond what we can imagine. Thank you for being a part of it!


The more money in the hands of more good hearted people, the more the entire planet benefits! 


This is why I decided to create a NEW Payment Plan offering for Align + Attract that is more FLEXIBLE and AFFORDABLE than I have ever offered before! I am meeting you where you're at so that you can intentionally invest in yourself and make this year YOUR YEAR - manifesting alignment, peace, joy, abundance and success beyond your wildest dreams!

You can reserve your spot in this round for just $72! Enrollment closes soon so don’t miss your chance to get in!

 (*Check the available links to see if enrollment is still open at the time of you reading this newsletter. If it is not, sign up for the waitlist to be notified as soon as enrollment opens again!)

Today’s Newsletter is just the beginning of more to come on the topic of MONEY, ABUNDANCE, VALUE and ENERGY here in the Newsletter this week, on the Podcast (Spotify, Apple), Youtube, Instagram and in the Align + Attract course! Stay tuned!



Sending love + good f*cking energy x


Founder + CEO Arcanum