Mar 3, 2023

Mar 3, 2023



 Today we begin our journey through developing a new relationship with MONEY!

One that is supportive, loving and giving on both ends, one that gets to feel FUN!


This all starts with shifting how you view money - releasing any of the outdated and unsupportive beliefs you have around money, where it comes from and how it works and beginning to practice new habits with money that make for a sustainable healthy relationship.


My breakthrough with Money Mindset came when I shifted from seeing money as a confusing thing outside of me and my control and started to see money as a FRIEND or even PARTNER in my life!


I know that may sound weird but let me break it down for you…

As we talked about in the Day 6 Newsletter, money is, like all things - energy!


How do you think any energy would respond to the common beliefs, sayings and expectations of money?


Let’s remove money from the equation for a second and equate this energetic exchange to one we can all likely relate to more personally - love.


Imagine if your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner was always saying these sort of things to you:

“You are the root of all evil”

“You are never enough”

“You ruin relationships”

“You really have a way of changing people for the worst”

“You are so difficult to handle”

“I’m bad at handling you”

“People have to do bad, cruel things to get you”

“It’s too hard to make you grow so why even try”

“You just aren’t for people like me / where I come from”


Or the worst of all (in my opinion):

“I don’t care about you”


I mean…… if it were me I’d stay far away from that person.


Now flip the roles and think of the things you say to money, imagining money not just as some abstract thing but as your PARTNER, someone you are building a RELATIONSHIP with.


Is your energy towards this partner and relationship nurturing and inviting? Are you making your partner (money) feel loved, seen and appreciated?


Think of some of the limiting stories, beliefs and expectations you’ve had around money that we uncovered in Day 6’s exercise - how do you think these make money feel? Do you think this energy attracts money to you or makes it want to run far far away?


And remember too, a lot of our stories around money come from our upbringing! They were modeled to us by parents, teachers and other trusted adults (who, by the way, likely had good intentions but just didn’t know any better) and we soaked them in like a sponge! 

For most of us - our current relationship with money has been a predetermined one that we did not get to choose or learn how to properly nurture. But like with any relationship or direction in life, we now have the power to turn it around and create a new one!


I like to think of money as a partner that I really like and that I want to really like me back! 

I have fun with money and I want money to have fun with me! I want money to know that anytime money is around me it's guaranteed to be a good time!


When money flows out I don’t want to make money feel unappreciated for what it has flowed out for and provided me in return!


What if every time your partner left the house you got angry, mad, sad, anxious, fearful that they would never return, constantly freaking out about how and when they will come home. 


Meanwhile your partner was at the store bringing home groceries to provide for you!


Now imagine your partner brings home all these groceries and you don’t even thank them. You don’t see the value - the nourishment, the energy, the life - that these groceries that your partner has enabled you to have in your home provides. All you see is that you never have enough.


That would not be a great feeling or a very appreciative or reciprocal relationship.


On one hand, you want more from your partner and on the other hand you never want your partner to leave so they can bring you more, and when they do bring you value you don't even see it and aren’t thankful for what your partner provides.


So what do you want?! To just sit with your partner all day - hungry, thirsty, with no shelter over your head?


Or - you let your partner be free to do its thing, provide value to you so that you can expand and grow, which enables you to provide more value to the world, which then allows your partner to expand and grow and the cycle continues in a healthy harmonious and gratitude filled flow!


So how do we make our lives a fun place for money to be?

As we learned yesterday, money desires to FLOW.


When we invest money with intention and use it to support us, money is able to expand through us. 

We utilize money as we would a friend or partner who has more experience than us and wants to mentor us to help us grow (this is what a loving relationship is!). 

Money becomes something that we can utilize for our growth. 

We use money to invest in ourselves - our health, well-being, mind, body and soul. 

In doing this we allow money to be free as well. 

We don’t lock up this friend that is trying to help us out of fear that it will never come back to help us again. 

We see the value it provides us as we allow it to flow and we thank it, constantly!

We thank money when it is here and we thank money when it goes, knowing that it has provided us value in some way each time it leaves.


This creates a healthy, nourishing, supportive and fun relationship with money.


Here is a shift that will serve you for life:

Stop seeing money going out as a LOSS.

See it for what you GAIN.

Every time you spend money see what it is bringing to your life in return.


Even the debt you already have - what did that debt bring to you? What value did it allow you to bring into your life that you otherwise would not have?

Back in 2020 I maxed out my credit card to purchase courses on holistic health, subconscious mind reprogramming and manifestation because I was DETERMINED to turn my life around.

I would not be here today if I had not done that.

Debt needs to be managed and used responsibly, 100%, but when used correctly it is an amazing asset that gives you access to value that can help you grow faster than you would have been able to without it.

And even if you have debt that wasn’t spent so obviously on your growth - it still enabled you some sort of value!

So what was that value?

And can you now feel gratitude for what this debt has provided you every time you pay your credit card bill rather than be so focused on what you think it’s “taking from you”?


THAT is a powerful shift to make.


And transfer that same mindset to all of your bills!

How often do you dread paying your rent or car payment?

Instead of viewing these payments as taking money from you, see them as money being used to provide a warm home for you, a safe car for you to commute in, electricity and heat for you to live comfortably!


Do you see the difference here?


One mindset is rooted in lack: 

  • You see money as leaving you.

  • You see the world as taking from you.

  • You fear money leaving because you then feel like you won't have enough.


The other is rooted in abundance:

  • You see money as serving and providing for you.

  • You see abundance in what is and has been provided for you.

  • You let money flow, you see all that you already have and that has been provided, you trust there will always be more. 


Let money be water in a river - free-flowing and full of life, bringing more life to every place it flows. Not a stagnant pool.

Got it?


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Sending love + good f*cking energy x


Founder + CEO Arcanum