Mar 3, 2023

Mar 3, 2023



Yesterday we started shifting our perspective on money and how we view our relationship with it. Today we are going to continue on with building and nurturing this relationship even more!


Now you see how we can shift our perspective of money from something abstract and outside of us to viewing money as a partner that we want to create a respectful, appreciative and healthy relationship with. 

When we view money as a partner it helps us to ground the whole “money is energy” concept in a way that our human mind can more easily understand. 

This helps us to know what energy would be “attractive” to money, helping us to cultivate more of that energy and manifest more money in our lives, just like we know what energy and attitudes are attractive to potential partners and which are not.


Our relationship with money should make money (if money was a person) feel respected, appreciated and like we CARE about money. 

We want money to feel like we want it around, but also not like we are holding so tightly to it that it can’t breathe and do its thing - flow, provide value, and multiply!


So today we’re focusing on 3 main pillars of strengthening our relationship with your new BFF / boyfriend / girlfriend: MONEY!


These pillars are Gratitude, Respect and Clarity.


Before we get started, I want to make sure you have created an Abundance note in your phone (or wherever else you’d like to keep it) just like the Day 6 exercise instructed to do. We’ll continue adding to this note all week and hopefully you will continue to beyond!


Ok! Let’s start with GRATITUDE.


We talked a lot about gratitude for money, including your debt and other bills, in Day 6’s Newsletter so I’ll try to keep this one short (although I have A LOT to say on this topic). 

But I do want to explain how deep I really want you to take your gratitude in every opportunity you have so that you can tap into the joy and blessings that feeling fully abundant and grateful can provide for you!


Something I have done since I started my business is I thank the Universe for every single payment I receive in my business. 

When I receive an Arcanum LA order I audibly say “Thank you Universe and thank you (insert customers name here).” 

When new students enroll in my course I say their name, thank them out loud, and energetically send them love and gratitude.


Have I fallen off of this routine in the past? Definitely. And do I see a difference in my abundance when I do? Definitely.


It’s one thing to miss a few moments where you could have said thank you - this will happen to us all. But it’s another to just not have gratitude at all and to miss the opportunity of money coming in as a reminder of your abundance and all that you have to be grateful for!


When we thank all the money that flows into our life, whether it’s a new client, an already expected paycheck, a quarter we find on the ground or savings at the grocery store, we are bringing energetic attention to our receiving of abundance. We are making a mental note of our abundance and showing our subconscious “hey look how abundant we are!” again and again. 


There’s multiple ways to see it but one that clicks with me is seeing the abundance you receive as evidence of where your attention and energy have been around money and as a reminder to realign to the energy of gratitude! 

The more gratitude we feel for money and the abundance that surrounds us, the more we are aligning to an ABUNDANCE MINDSET and tapping into the ENERGY of BEING ABUNDANT. 

So NATURALLY over time as we practice being in this abundance based mindset and energy, when we are AND even when we are not receiving money, we will eventually attract more into our lives!


It’s like working out a muscle at the gym - we are up-leveling our capacity for the amount of abundance we can receive by continuing to practice feeling abundant and grateful with what we already have now!


See every time money comes in as an opportunity to be REMINDED to align to this level of frequency until eventually it becomes automatic!


We can use this same gratitude practice when money goes out as well.

Make paying your bills into another opportunity for an abundance mindset and gratitude practice course! 

Thank every bill you pay. Don’t see the money leaving you, see the value it provides to you. Don’t see your debt as something that takes from you, feel so grateful that you were given the opportunity to borrow money when you needed it to provide you with what you valued at that time. 

Imagine each time you pay for something that that money is flowing from you like a river and serving the world, having a positive impact on others.

Expand your mind to not focus on what is going, but instead focus on what you are receiving and giving. 

THAT is an abundance mindset.

There is no lack, there is no loss, just value gained and gratitude given.


So moving forward every dollar or cent you find, earn, receive in savings, or spend, I want you to THANK. Say “Thank you Universe! I am so abundant!” 

Bring AWARENESS and ATTENTION to abundance every time you are blessed in your reality with a physical reminder of how abundant you are.




Just like money wants to feel valued, loved and appreciated - money wants to also feel respected!


Do you think money wants to flow into a wallet or purse that has a bunch of crumpled dollar bills at the bottom? I wouldn’t!


Do you think money wants to hang out with someone who doesn’t pay attention to it when it’s there, uses it without intention then complains that there is never enough of it around? Again, I wouldn’t.


Start respecting your money more! In all ways that you can!


Clean out your purse or wallet and make it a comfortable place for money to stay and hang. Energetically this will also make you feel more put together and attractive to money too!

I mean think about it - what would make you feel more abundant: reaching to grab your card to pay for something in a purse full of junk, crinkled receipts and bills or reaching into an organized and clean purse that acts as a representation of your money mindset, like an altar for your abundance!


One of your exercises for today is to clean up your “money altar” or wallet/purse. Organize this space and have gratitude for any money you find as you do! Whether it be gift cards, cash, coins - add it all to your Abundance phone note! Go through pants and jacket pockets while you're at it to clear out any money that may be hiding in there too!


Another way to respect money is by gaining CLARITY around it.


How many times have you avoided checking your bank accounts? How do you think that makes money feel? To just avoid and ignore it in that way? Probably not so good.


This task is a big task and may take some time but I promise you it will be very beneficial to you.


For some, this may feel overwhelming at first (I’ve been there before too!) so it’s important that you regulate yourself through this. Meditate and get into a good headspace. Take deep breaths. Remind yourself that no matter what your bank accounts say right now, you are actively strengthening your relationship with money, you are an infinite source of abundance and you are finally opening yourself to seeing this and learning exactly how to manifest more wealth into your life! Where you are right now is just the beginning! But we can’t get where we want to go if we don’t know our starting location.


Take a look at your bank accounts and clean them up. 

  • Set up autopay on any credit cards you have so you never miss your monthly minimum payment.

  • Get clear on your monthly recurring bills (rent, car payment, electricity, Wi-Fi, etc.).

  • Create a budget plan that feels supportive to you.

  • Bonus! Create another “manifestation budget plan” with the amount of money you desire to make and how you will budget that (money likes to have a clear purpose!).

  • Then set a weekly money date where you will check back in on your finances. 

    • Make note of abundance that flows your way during the week, reflect on the abundance that you have observed around you on your “money date” and remind yourself of all that you have to be grateful for. Check in to keep yourself aware and on track with your money goals and plans.


The more you do this, the more natural your relationship with money will become. This is coming from a girl who lived in constant overdraft and would avoid checking her balance at all costs (literally). Gaining awareness of my money not only strengthened my relationship and comfortability with money but put the power in my hands to take control of my finances and my money manifestation. My goal is to help you do the same!


Sending love + good f*cking energy x


Founder + CEO Arcanum