Mar 3, 2023

Mar 3, 2023



Hello loves!


I am so excited for today’s Day 9 Manifest Your Best Year Yet New Year Newsletter! I specifically waited to send out this Newsletter because I wanted to be able to also link this week’s podcast episode that is all about the topics we’ve been discussing this week and will be diving into deeper today: Money Mindset, Next-Level-Self Embodiment and the piece that ties all of it together, your SELF-WORTH.


You can listen to the podcast episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts OR watch it on YouTube!


Ok let’s get into it!


If we really want to talk about money mindset, abundance and how you specifically are going to manifest more into your life in 2023 we HAVE to bring it all back to the number one principle behind it all: your self worth. 


You may be thinking “what does my view of myself / my value or worth have to do with money?” 


Well it has EVERYTHING to do with everything actually!


The way we handle our money is a direct reflection of how we value ourselves.


And the level at which we value ourselves will have a direct reflection on the amount of abundance we are able to receive / create / manifest!


The key word here is VALUE. 

As we discussed, money is just energy - it is a societally agreed upon physical representation of value in our shared 3D reality.


How we utilize and spend our resources - whether that be money, time or energy - is evidence of what we VALUE.


When we do not value ourselves, do not see the innate worthiness within ourselves and do not believe we have the capability to grow and achieve - we will not use our resources to support ourselves to do so. 

We will spend them elsewhere on other things that do not benefit our growth because (whether we consciously realize this belief or not) we do not believe it will be “worth it” to put that time, energy, money towards ourselves in that way.


It makes sense: why would we spend time, energy, money on our personal development, well-being or growth when we literally do not see ourselves as worthy or capable of achieving great things? 

Why would we expend value on ourselves when we do not see the value within ourselves?


We exchange value (money) for things we find valuable. 

If we do not find ourselves or the development of ourselves, our mind, or our skillset valuable why would we invest more value into any of that?


I’m here to help shift this for you. Because I KNOW how valuable you are. I know what you’re worth, what you are capable of and what you bring to the f*cking table!!!

It’s time that you see it too and start using this new perspective to your advantage. 

This perspective shift IS what will make manifesting your next-level transformation and dreams into reality in 2023 possible!  And I guarantee you this awakening alone will be one of the most powerful shifts that will continue to serve you for LIFE.


I want you to start seeing yourself as the MVP (most valuable player) of your life.


Think of the things that YOU want to manifest…


Who’s going to manifest them?




Who’s going to be the one who does the inner work and takes the aligned action steps to make YOUR manifestations a reality and achieve YOUR goals?




Do you see how valuable YOU are here? How important your “player” is in this game of YOUR life?




You are THE ONE who will make the success you dream of possible!


It is YOU.


No one else but YOU can make YOUR dream life a reality. 


Sure, there will be people who the Universe aligns you with to help you along the way but the one and only person who has the power to make any real positive change and take the necessary action in your life is YOU.


The power lies with you and you only.


You are so f*cking valuable.


So now it is time to start seeing yourself that way, supporting yourself that way and investing in yourself in alignment to your true value and worth - which again, is the MOST valuable and worthy!


Once you see the link between the ways in which you value and support yourself to be and show up as your best self and the success you are able to achieve as a result you begin to move differently.


You see all the ways you spend your time, money and energy as opportunities to either invest in your self-improvement or work against yourself.


We talk about the many different ways to invest in yourself in the latest Good F*cking Energy Podcast episode but my intention for you today is simply to make that single mindset shift and begin seeing how VALUABLE and WORTHY you really are.


You deserve nourishing foods, time to rest and recharge, laughter, fun, time spent in nature, to take time to care for your body and health, to invest in resources that help you to grow and step into your fullest potential! 

You deserve all of this! 

And it is these very things that will be the stepping stones to the dream life you wish to manifest and goals you desire to accomplish! 

You need to FUEL yourself with the SUPPORT to do so! 

See the important role that you play in making your dream life a reality! 

You aren’t just the MVP you are the single star in the movie that is your life!

It is up to you to own your power, own your value, own your capabilities and transform your life in the ways you desire this year. 


You’ve got this! 


And remember you wouldn’t desire the change you desire if it wasn’t absolutely meant for you. The capabilities to achieve even your biggest goals are already within you now, sometimes you just need some help along the way to sharpen these skills - don’t deny yourself of that time and energy to nurture your growth and development!


For even more on this topic be sure to check out this week's podcast episode!


And if you are ready to finally say YES to yourself, your growth, and making the commitment to discovering, supporting and fully stepping into the embodiment of your Next-Level-Self to manifest your dreams into reality this year - Align + Attract enrollment is only open for a few more days!!! I hope to see you in it!

 (*Check the available links to see if enrollment is still open at the time of you reading this newsletter. If it is not, sign up for the waitlist to be notified as soon as enrollment opens again!)

And if you have already enrolled - CONGRATS on this HUGE step! You will look back at this month, and forever see it as a pivotal moment in your life that changed everything for you! I promise you that. I am SO excited for you! This is JUST the beginning of so much magic to come your way and I am so excited and honored to get to support you on your path!

See you tomorrow for our FINAL day of the Manifest Your Best Year Yet Newsletter!


Sending love + good f*cking energy x


Founder + CEO Arcanum